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Ion Implanter

On June 28, 2020, the high-energy ion implanter independently developed by CETC has successfully achieved the MeV (mega electron-volt, e.g. million times more than eV) high-energy ion acceleration milestone, and its performance is second to none by internationally accepted criteria.

For long, the high-energy model of ion implanter has been deemed as the "Mission Everest" in research and development of ion implantation equipment. Over the years, CETC has been accumulating technical know-how in the field of ion implantation, and has continuously made breakthroughs in industrialization of medium-current ion implanter, high-current ion implanter, specialized ion implanter and SiC ion implanter. The models are widely used by the world's renowned IC manufacturers.

As of March 17, 2021, CETC has acquired capability of independent research, development and manufacturing of full range of ion implanters, including models for medium-current, large-current and high-energy applications, as well as tools for third-generation semiconductor industry and other special applications. The key process node of CETC's tools for ion implantation has been upgraded up to 28nm, which enables CETC to provide a one-stop, cost-competitive solution of ion implanters for global chip manufacturing industry chain.

1. SiC High-Temperature and High-Energy (H/E) Ion Implanter

2. Specialized Ion Implanter

3. Medium Current (M/C) Ion Implanter

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