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Solar Grade (SoG) Silicon Wafer

The CETC Solar Energy subsidiary Hunan Red Solar Photoelectricity Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of solar silicon wafers in China. A wide range of mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline solar wafers is manufactured at the plant to meet customer-specific requirements.

At its core, the majority of the solar market is based on polysilicon and silicon wafers. As a longtime leader in producing polysilicon and wafers for the semiconductor industry, CETC Solar Energy is uniquely poised to help increase the prevalence of solar technology around the world.

Utilizing years of development, production, and research in silicon and wafer technology, CETC Solar Energy extended its expertise into the solar wafer market in 2007. The result is a proven and robust process with tremendous cost and productivity advantages for the solar industry. We are currently working on enhancing solar wafer efficiencies, as well as other pioneering efforts that will impact the solar market for years to come. As technical advances and other factors continue to increase the pervasiveness of solar around the world, CETC Solar Energy will be there providing a solid and reliable foundation to build on.

We offer silicon solar wafers in the following sizes, cut via either diamond wire (DW) or silicon carbide slurry process (SP):

Our high quality solar wafers can be manufactured to your exact specifications.

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